Dudley Neighbors, Inc.

Dudley Neighbors, Incorporated (DNI) was created by the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) to play a critical role in the housing development portion of DSNI’s comprehensive master plan that was drafted by residents to guide the revitalization of the neighborhood.

In the fall of 1988, the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) approved DNI’s request to become a Massachusetts 121A Corporation. That status allowed DNI to accept the power of eminent domain to acquire privately-owned vacant land in the area designated as the Dudley Triangle. DNI combines vacant lots acquired via eminent domain with City-owned parcels and leases these to private and nonprofit developers for the purpose of building affordable housing consistent with the community’s master plan.

DNI is structured as a Community Land Trust (CLT), and as such plays a crucial role in preserving affordable housing and providing residents with a way to control the development process in the neighborhood. DNI leases land initially to developers during construction, and subsequently to individual homeowners, cooperative housing corporations and other forms of limited partnerships.

Through its 99-year ground lease, DNI can require that its properties be used for purposes set forth by the community. It can also establish parameters on the price that homes sell for and can be resold for.

DNI’s operations are funded through minimal lease fees from leaseholders. Some funding is provided by private individuals and foundations grants.

DNI Today

DNI, the Community Land Trust was created by residents of the Dudley Street Neighborhood area as a vehicle to rebuild our neighborhood and to ensure that the home-ownership opportunities that we are creating today, are available to future generations.  To date a total of 225 new homes and two community spaces or micro-centers have been built on DNI land .

Within the next decade, approximately 250 new homes will have been built on DNI land in the area known as the "Dudley Triangle", the section of the Roxbury and North Dorchester neighborhoods bounded by Dudley Street, Blue Hill Avenue, Brookford Street, Hartford Street, Robin Hood Street, Folsom Street, Woodward Park Street, and Howard Avenue.  All of these new homes will be part of the DNI Community Land Trust. In addition to the new homes, the rebuilding of the triangle will include the construction a community green house parks gardens open space and a revitalized local shopping area.