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Arts & Culture Manager

Job Description:                                                                                                                      


Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) is a thirty year-old resident-led, non-profit planning and organizing entity in the Roxbury/North Dorchester area of Boston.  DSNI’s mission is to empower Dudley residents to organize, plan for, create, and control a vibrant, diverse and high quality neighborhood in collaboration with community partners.   In order to realize the neighborhood’s vision of a vibrant urban village, DSNI has organized to make significant strides in the areas of land control, affordable housing, community facilities, urban agriculture, youth development, and community building.  Progress in our neighborhood is the result of robust collaborative efforts led by community residents.


The Fairmount Cultural Corridor is a creative placemaking initiative that combines collaborative efforts of residents, artists, community organizations and businesses to support vibrant, livable neighborhoods along the Fairmount Commuter Line, made stronger through active local creative economies.  The Fairmount Cultural Corridor draws upon the local cultural assets and ethnic traditions of the Corridor’s residents. Through arts and cultural activities, it brings people together to both celebrate and have a voice in shaping the future of their communities. The creative placemaking effort was piloted in Upham’s Corner, where it has fostered cultural economic activity and resident engagement through outdoor arts markets, technical assistance to artist entrepreneurs, interactive public art interventions, and the involvement of local merchants. With support from ArtPlace America and other local and national funders, the initiative recently expanded to include the Four Corners neighborhood, with plans to connect with creative placemaking efforts all along the Corridor.  Over eight arts and community-based organizations comprise the FCC initiative, with DSNI serving as the lead partner.

Position Overview:  The Arts & Culture Manager will have a lead role in integrating arts and culture into the organizing work of DSNI, coordinating the creative placemaking strategies of the Fairmount Cultural Corridor, and facilitating partnerships that will contribute to long-term arts and culture planning in the Dudley and Fairmount Line communities. The ideal candidate will have creative vision, be guided by principles of community leadership, and believe in the power of art to inspire and transform. S/he will also be a highly organized self-starter with a strong skill-set in managing complex work and working effectively with a variety of stakeholders.

Supervision:  The position reports to the DSNI Director of Sustainable Economic Development.


  • Coordinate the Fairmount Cultural Corridor initiative, overseeing the work of partners and implementing strategies developed by residents, artists, and partners
  • Staff and facilitate the DSNI Arts and Culture Committee to ensure that resident and artist voices guide the development of community art
  • Facilitate and strengthen partnerships among community residents and organizations to coordinate arts and culture work in the community
  • Collaborate with Design Studio for Social Intervention to support Artists-in-Residence who will design public projects for Four Corners and Upham’s Corner residents to re-imagine public spaces and address challenges and aspirations of their communities.
  • Integrate the use of creative placemaking strategies into DSNI efforts as an organizing strategy to help residents address neighborhood issues and build community
  • Assist in infusing arts programming throughout the DSNI youth employment program and curriculum.
  • Build and maintain partnerships with DSNI partner schools and identify arts-related resources to support their needs
  • Lead the planning of annual Multicultural Festival and other community cultural events in collaboration with DSNI staff and residents
  • Oversee process to collect and analyze data to inform ArtPlace and cultural planning processes
  • Coordinate communications and public relations efforts to promote Fairmount Cultural Corridor work in collaboration with DSNI staff
  • Communicate with funders and manage reports and deadlines in collaboration with DSNI resource development staff
  • Participate in staff meetings, retreats and other DSNI activities

Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge Requirements:

  • Content knowledge in arts, social practice art, creative placemaking, and/or arts and cultural management
  • Substantial experience in social community engagement involving the arts
  • Knowledge of the local neighborhood and broader arts communities and resources
  • Experience in community organizing and policy advocacy
  • Proven ability to use collaborative processes and partnerships that create alignment around shared goals and plans
  • Strong project management skills, including demonstrated ability to work with cross-functional teams, work effectively with multiple stakeholders, prioritize multiple work tasks, and meet deadlines
  • Excellent meeting facilitation skills
  • Experience and ease working in multicultural, multilingual settings
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills
  • Strong computer skills, particularly in Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel
  • Willingness to work flexible schedule, including some nights and weekends
  • Experience working with youth desirable
  • Bilingual preferred (Cape Verdean, Spanish,)
  • Neighborhood residents and artists encouraged to apply

Salary: Salary range for this position is $50,000 – $60,000 annually, depending on experience.  DSNI offers a comprehensive benefits package.

To be considered, interested applicants must submit a cover letter and resume by email to  with “Arts and Culture Manager” in the subject line.  No telephone inquiries or recruiters please.  DSNI is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



Director of Operations and Stewardship, Dudley Neighbors Inc.



July 29, 2014

Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) is a thirty year-old resident-led, non-profit planning and organizing group in the Roxbury/North Dorchester area of Boston.  DSNI’s mission is to empower Dudley residents to organize, plan for, create, and control a vibrant, diverse and high quality neighborhood in collaboration with community partners. DSNI's approach to neighborhood revitalization is comprehensive and focuses on three strategic areas—sustainable and economic development, leadership development and collaboration, and youth opportunities and development. In partnership with nonprofit organizations, businesses, and religious institutions serving the neighborhood, DSNI works to implement resident-led revitalization plans.


Dudley Neighbors Inc. (DNI) is the community land trust established by DSNI twenty five years ago to carry out the economic development plans of the neighborhood, which includes development without displacement, affordable housing, and community economic development.  DNI’s economic development and housing activities are based on DSNI’s vision and implemented by the DSNI Sustainable Economic Development team.  DNI partners with nonprofit and private developers to build affordable housing, commercial spaces and other uses determined through community planning processes and serves as the steward of the land.  The land trust now owns more than 30 acres of land in the Dudley neighborhood, with 225 affordable homes, community farm, greenhouse, playgrounds and commercial spaces. 

Supervision:  This position reports to the Director of Dudley Neighbors Inc. 



The Director of Operations and Stewardship will have primary responsibility for responding to the needs of land trust homeowners and for stewarding DNI’s existing portfolio of resale-restricted housing.  The Director will also be responsible for overseeing management of DNI’s non-housing developments, including playgrounds, community farm and greenhouse.  Finally, the Director will lead efforts to pursue new development opportunities to bring new affordable housing and other amenities onto the land trust.


Specific Responsibilities include:

·     Assist the DNI Director and Board of Directors in implementing strategies and policies to promote and sustain DNI and the community land trust model.

·     Oversee and monitor development and marketing of new residential and commercial projects built on the land trust by development partners.

·     Work with community partners and government agencies to identify potential sites for development/redevelopment of housing and other community uses.

·     Manage post-purchase stewardship support for DNI homeowners, including technical assistance around refinancing and home repairs.

·     Respond to and resolve stewardship-related requests from DNI homeowners.

·     Provide technical assistance and information regarding the community land trust model to homeowners, developers, lenders, realtors, attorneys and the general public.

·     Ensure sound fiscal accountability and coordinate financial activities based on plans and policies developed in concert with DNI Director and DNI Board. 

·     Work with staff and board to create and recommend the yearly budget for DNI board approval and manage DNI’s resources within those budget guidelines. 

·     Work with DNI staff and board to maintain and improve program policies, procedures and databases.

·     Work with DSNI Finance Team to oversee bookkeeping, accounting and financial systems to ensure that program objectives are supported with adequate finances.

·     Oversee maintenance and compliance of all properties in DNI stewardship portfolio.

·     Prepare materials for annual audit to ensure compliance with all governmental regulations and private grantor requirements.

·     Represent the organization to the public- including elected officials, funders, partners and stakeholders.

·     Work with DNI Director and DNI Board of Directors to review and refine business model to respond to new opportunities and ensure long-term sustainability.

·     Assist with technical assistance and trainings for emerging land trusts in Metro Boston.

·     Participate in DSNI staff meetings, retreats and events.


·     Bachelor’s degree required

·     Understanding of community land trust model and Dudley neighborhood

·     Proven experience and knowledge of real estate development and asset management

·     Excellent communications and interpersonal skills and ability to relate to residents and external partners and stakeholders

·     Proven experience and knowledge of project management, budgeting, financial systems, organizational development

·     Experience working in a multicultural community

·     Leadership skills, including networking and staff and board communication

·     Experience working with city and state government agencies

·     Knowledge of public and private financing options for affordable housing

·     Ability to build strong partnerships with diverse groups of constituents

·     Experience in comprehensive community change initiatives

·     Computer fluency


Neighborhood residents and bilingual applicants (Spanish, Cape Verdean Creole) are strongly preferred.

We offer great health care benefits and a dynamic, exciting work environment. The salary range for this position is $65,000-$70,000. 

Interested applicants must submit a resume to  Please put “Director of Operations and Stewardship” in the subject line.  No telephone inquiries or recruiters please.     DSNI is an EOE.




Request for Proposal
Executive Search Firm

May 2014

Proposal Summary
Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) is requesting proposals from qualified executive search firms to assist in recruiting and hiring an executive director. Firms should have the demonstrated ability to recruit highly qualified persons who have successfully: 1) directed organizations based in culturally-diverse communities; 2) worked collaboratively with staff teams and community partners; 3) managed multi-million dollar budgets; and 4) implemented community organizing, planning and development programs and initiatives. The ideal executive search firm will have at least ten years’ experience placing this type of candidate into similar organizations. 

About Us
The Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) is a nonprofit, community-based planning and organizing entity rooted in the Roxbury/North Dorchester neighborhoods of Boston. DSNI's approach to neighborhood revitalization is comprehensive including economic, human, physical, and environmental growth. DSNI was formed in 1984 when residents of the Dudley Street area came together out of frustration and hope to revive their neighborhood that was devastated by arson, disinvestment, neglect and redlining practices, and protect it from outside speculators.

In 2014 DSNI celebrates its 30th Anniversary. For the three decades, residents of the Dudley community have been rebuilding their neighborhood literally from the ground up. Thirteen hundred lots, once neglected and abandoned, now represent the wellspring from which the vibrant urban village -- a concept conceived by residents -- has emerged. Today, those devastated lots are cleaned up and home to more than 225 families living in permanently affordable housing, parks, a greenhouse and an urban farm on the community land trust and hundreds of new homes, new schools and a community center.

Utilizing the successful strategies of community engagement, resident and youth leadership development, public-private partnership formation, and multi-stakeholder collaboration, DSNI has established a track record in supporting early childhood development, youth leadership, and substantive school partnerships. Maintaining a commitment to resident leadership and local control, DSNI provides a vehicle for community residents to plan, create and manage the Dudley neighborhood. Now DSNI is one of the few nationally prominent Promise Neighborhoods, with multi-year funding from the US DOE, to link place-based change with support of children and families from birth to career.

Scope of Services
The duties the executive search firm will perform include:

  • Meet with the Search Committee to continue to refine the requirements and qualifications of the ideal candidate and to develop a descriptive position profile.

  • Develop outreach plan, with special emphasis on reaching a racially and culturally diverse pool of candidates.

  • Work with the Search Committee to develop selection criteria and plan.

  • Craft a set of interview questions with input from the Search Committee

  • Develop all job postings and advertise regionally and nationally, using appropriate media.  Measure the interest and reach of the distribution channels. Issue regular reports to the Search Committee on the status of the search.

  • Screen all applicants and complete initial interviews, recommending an appropriate selection of candidates for interviews with the Search Committee.

  • Conduct full background checks, including but not limited to criminal history, traditional media and social media presence, and reference reviews. Full disclosure to the Search Committee of initial screenings, interviews and background checks.

  • Assist with negotiating final terms of employment (salary, benefits, start date, etc.) with DSNI.

  • Perform other duties related to the search as requested by the Search Committee and/or the DSNI Board of Directors.

  • Recommend onboarding and coaching follow-up plans as needed, based on findings from references and selection process. 

Qualified firms or individuals must have extensive experience recruiting, selecting and placing leaders into similar positions. Success in building diverse pools of candidates is essential. Experience with urban neighborhoods is preferable. Relationships with nonprofit and philanthropic entities across the community organizing, advocacy and/or community development field is desirable.

Proposal Content
To respond to this RFP, please prepare materials that address the following:

  1. An overview of your firm, its size, history, areas of expertise and history of similar searches.

  2. The strategy and methodology that the firm will use to conduct this executive search, with special attention to:

    • how you would develop a profile for promising candidates;

    • how you would build a pool of qualified and diverse candidates; and

    • how you would ensure that applicants feel supported throughout the selection process and positive about their relationship with DSNI even if not selected.

  3. The roles for the primary/lead individuals who will be responsible for the DSNI engagement. Please include biographies of each of these individuals, addressing their educational qualifications, their years of executive search experience, position and total years with the firm. 

  4. Expectations for coordination and communication with the DSNI Search Committee throughout the search process. 

  5. Standard services provided in a typical executive search, including any changes or suggestions to the desired services requested in this RFP.

  6. The methodology to conduct references and background checks on prospective candidates.

  7. The fee for all services provided by your firm.  Please identify any ancillary services that could require additional fees. 

  8. Names of clients, contact persons, e-mail and telephone numbers for at least three similar clients served in the last three years.

Selection Criteria for the Search Firm
In our selection of the search firm, we will evaluate: 

  • Stability, experience and track record of the executive search firm and of the personnel assigned to DSNI for this search

  • Creativity and commitment to meeting our goals on diversity and applicant experience

  • Familiarity and experience with the nonprofit sector and similar placements (regionally and/or nationally)

  • Depth of knowledge, experience and resources to provide required services, including time available to dedicate to this engagement by the professional leading the engagement

  • Independence of judgment and avoidance of conflicts of interest in providing services

  • Overall proposed fees for services

Selection Process and Timeline
DSNI will evaluate each response to determine the qualifications and fit for this search.  A proposal revision may be requested following the interview and prior to selection. We plan to select firms to interview by June 15, with interviews to follow. Our goal is to have the search firm or consultant engaged by June 30, 2014.  

Submitting your Proposal
Proposals should be submitted by email no later than Friday, June 6, 2014.  Submit proposals to to the attention of:

Keila Barros, Chair
DSNI Search Committee
 Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative
 504 Dudley Street
 Roxbury, MA  02119



Resource Development Director



Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) is a thirty year-old resident-led, non-profit planning and organizing group in the Roxbury/North Dorchester area of Boston.  DSNI’s mission is to empower Dudley residents to organize, plan for, create, and control a vibrant, diverse and high quality neighborhood in collaboration with community partners. DSNI's approach to neighborhood revitalization is comprehensive and focuses on three strategic areas—sustainable and economic development, leadership development and collaboration, and youth opportunities and development. In partnership with nonprofit organizations, community development corporations (CDCs), businesses, and religious institutions serving the neighborhood, DSNI works to implement resident-led revitalization plans.


Today, DSNI is engaged in a wide range of community change efforts, affecting all areas of neighborhood life. Examples include:


The Boston Promise Initiative: Place-based approach to transforming community-school relationships and accelerating academic achievement that ensures sustained success in school for all Dudley children.


Fair Chance for Family Success: Resident-led partnership of DSNI and Family Independence Initiative, along with neighborhood partners, to support families in the Dudley neighborhood in building their income, savings, and assets and increasing their economic and housing stability.  


Strong Leaders, Brighter Futures: Youth mentoring program pairs neighborhood adults with youth in mentoring matches, designed to ensure that our community supports youth development and entry into college and family-supporting careers.


Dudley Children Thrive: Organizing approach connecting neighborhood families with small children to each other, and to the resources that all families need to help meet the challenges of raising children today.


Each of these initiatives, and the many other projects, campaigns and events which are coordinated, planned and organized by DSNI Board members and staff, requires fundraising to support continued progress.  To support grant development, donor cultivation and other fundraising, DSNI seeks to hire a Director of Resource Development.


The position will be a permanent position, within the Resource Development department at DSNI. The Director of Resource Development will work closely with all DSNI staff, Board and partner organizations.  The position reports to DSNI’s Executive Director and supervises the Resource Development Manager. A detailed job description follows below.



The Director of Resource Development serves as a member of the senior leadership team and collaborates with management, staff, Board, and residents to meet contributed revenue goals for the organization. The position will be responsible for actively pursuing internal and external strategies and collaborations to exceed fundraising goals utilizing traditional and new methods.  In addition to providing leadership and oversight of the day-to-day operations of fundraising efforts, this person will stretch the entire team to cultivate new and existing relationships that build a strong revenue pipeline, and ensure good systems and processes are in place among staff, peers and across the organization that support Development efforts.


Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • Contributes broadly to the development, and shares responsibility for the fulfillment, of the organization’s mission, strategic plan, and overall sustainability.
  • Devises and maintains a multi-year development plan, including an annual strategic fundraising plan
  • Develops and maintains advanced prospect management and analysis systems
  • Works with communications staff to position the organization locally, nationally, in the strategic focus areas, ensure ongoing feedback to funders, and material and message development
  • Manages and cultivates existing relationships with funders to improve retention
  • Prepares staff for site visits from potential and current funders
  • Creates and leads the overall resource development strategy for residents, individuals, corporations, and foundations, including major prospect cultivation, planned giving, and resource development events
  • Seeks out and develops innovative funding partnerships with partner organizations
  • Participates in meetings of the local fundraising association, represents the organization at public events and makes presentations to donor groups and at other special events
  • Leads the team in raising annual, major and capital commitments through continuous relationship building, solicitation, and stewardship with prospective and current donors.
  • Partners closely with the communications team to ensure a flawless donor experience and improve retention and acquisition.
  • Enlists the Executive Director, Senior Leadership Team, Board of Directors, volunteers, staff and residents to significantly increase visibility and increase donations to the organization through their contacts, cultivation and solicitations.
  • Partners with the finance team to track receipt of grants, donors and other solicitations to ensure timely acknowledgements and maintain real-time awareness of the organization’s financial position.
  • Sets and executes organizational goals for securing sponsors for special events (like 30th Anniversary Gala), cultivating/managing event-related relationships, and implementing mini-event strategy (friend-raisers and other small regional gatherings) as part of stewardship plans.
  • Supports the development of a framework for DSNI as it begins fulfill its new sub-granting function
  • Regularly presents fundraising plans, progress updates, and outcomes to Board and staff.

·       Participates in annual budget development and reports on progress.


Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • Directly supervises Resource Development Manager. Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with organizations policies. Responsibilities include: regular supervision, assigning and monitoring work, evaluating performance, assisting in prioritizing tasks and addressing challenges.
  • Lead Resource Development Committee of the DSNI board


Knowledge Management:

  • Supervise management of donor database and donor acknowledgement process
  • Ensure Salesforce database integrity and accuracy, and manage preparation of donor/prospect profiles maintaining confidentiality. 


Qualification, Skills and Knowledge Requirements:

The Director of Resource Development will provide leadership in building the appropriate systems to increase and diversify DSNI’s annual income. The ideal candidate should have experience garnering support from foundations and other philanthropic organizations, possess exceptional writing and editing skills, have a strong ability to forge relationships, particularly in the funding community, as well as experience in marketing and special events, and working in a diverse setting.


DSNI is a highly collaborative organization, which moves quickly among many competing priorities.  The successful applicant will be able to jump in, learn quickly and go the extra mile.  The ideal candidate must have the ability to maintain confidentiality, be respectful of many work-styles and points of view and have the ability to share both responsibility and credit.  S/he must be able to work well under pressure and have a demonstrated ability to pay attention to details.  Most importantly, the successful candidate will be comfortable giving and receiving coaching on fundraising. S/he must be an entrepreneurial, self-directed team player committed to comprehensive community change. 


  • Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree preferred
  • Minimum of five years’ experience at the Director level/senior management, leading the generation of multiple types of revenue; supervisory experience necessary
  • Proven experience and knowledge of the full spectrum of development, including gift solicitations, stewardship, donor recognition and administration
  • Ability to drive agenda forward by building strong internal partnerships with diverse groups of constituents
  • Excellent writing skills, attention to grammar and usage, and ability to write clearly and concisely
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Strong group training and facilitation skills
  • Strong computer skills, particularly in Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Access
  • Extremely comfortable working with a dynamic, deadline-driven and collaborative team
  • Superior organizational and analytical skills
  • Experience or interest in comprehensive community change initiatives


Neighborhood residents and bilingual applicants (Spanish, Cape Verdean Creole, Haitian Creole) are strongly preferred.


DSNI offers flexibility in scheduling, great health care benefits and a dynamic, exciting work environment. The salary range for this position is $70,000-$80,000.


Interested applicants must submit a resume, writing sample and three references via email only to the Human Resources department at  No telephone inquiries or recruiters please. DSNI is an EOE.



The Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) is a non-profit planning and organizing group celebrating over 27 years as a successful, resident-led coalition working to create an urban village in the Dudley neighborhood of Roxbury/North Dorchester. DSNI’s mission is to empower Dudley residents to organize, plan for, create and control a vibrant, diverse and high-quality neighborhood in collaboration with community partners.
The Community Organizer will work as a team member to strengthen the neighborhood revitalization work. They will work with staff, residents, committee and Board members to unfold planning and organizing efforts to realize the neighborhood’s vision of a vibrant urban village.


• Work with DSNI Organizers to carry out organizing and planning activities. This includes door knocking, passing out flyers and talking to residents.
• Organize residents and other stakeholders to actively engage in the neighborhood revitalization effort, using door knocking, phoning, neighborhood meetings, and other outreach methods.
• Communicate regularly with residents and others stakeholders through written materials and personal contact
• Work as part of DSNI’s overall organizing efforts to Build Our Urban Village
• Attend meetings representing DSNI.
• Investigate, evaluate, and share various tools and models for outreach, organizing and collaboration.
• Prepare regular reports and articles on activities.


• Commitment to DSNI’s mission and organizing principles
• Respect for resident decision-making and community planning
• Ability to take initiative while working well as part of a team
• Good written and verbal communication skills
• Ability to work long hours and be flexible
• Familiarity with neighborhood issues
• Ability to work in a multicultural setting
• A sense of humor always helps

For more information contact:

Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, 504 Dudley Street, Roxbury, MA 02119.

Women and People of Color Encouraged To Apply.  Equal Opportunity Employer.




Dudley Neighbors Inc. (DNI) is a Community Land Trust in the Roxbury and North Dorchester area of Boston, organized as an Urban Redevelopment Organization under MGL Chapter 121A.  DNI’s Mission is Is to implement the community revitalization plans of the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI), which espouses development without displacement and includes affordable housing, economic development, open space and other amenities of the Urban Village.

Job Summary:
To search public and private records to compile a list of documents pertaining to property titles, such as mortgages, deeds, and assessments. To create a reference system of all deeds of land that DNI and it affiliates own.

Essential Functions:

•    Searches records available at DNI, City of Boston Assessing Department and or Suffolk Registry of Deeds to compile all legal deeds for parcels owned by DNI & its affiliates.

•    If required, obtains maps or drawings of property from surveyor or assessor's office or from title companies.

•    Prepares reference system and report with information compiled that would be useful for future work reference.


•    Ability to take initiative while working independently and as part of a team

•    Have working knowledge on how to title search using City of Boston Assessing Department and Suffolk Registry of Deeds.

•    A sense of humor always helps

•    Word processing and other computer experience (Microsoft word, excel, Adobe Acrobat).

•    Excellent verbal and written communication skills a must.

•    Must be organized and attentive to detail.

Position Type: Unpaid Internship

Please reply with letter of interest and resume immediately to: Jason Webb, Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, 504 Dudley Street, Roxbury, MA 02119 or email to

Women and People of Color Encouraged to Apply.  Equal Opportunity Employer.