Juan Leyton, Executive Director, Ext. 131

Ramona Alexander, Arts & Culture Manager

Maggie Austen, Resource Development Associate

Jose Barros, Community Organizer & Planner

Katrina Brink, Education Manager, Ext. 200

Luzia Centeio, Executive Assistant, Ext. 190

Sheena Collier, BPI Director, Ext. 126

Luz Colon, Community Organizer, Ext. 132

Ros Everdell, Deputy Director, Ext. 150

Joceline Fidalgo, Resource Development Director, Ext. 110

Derrikka Gillenwater, Youth Organizer, Ext. 140

Tony Hernandez, DNI Director of Operations & Stewardship, Ext. 170

Charles Holley, Chief Financial Officer, Ext. 134

Erika Leon, Receptionist & Office Manager, Ext. 100

Carrington Moore, High School to Career Manager, Ext. 120

Eliza Parad, Community Organizer, Ext. 135

Bayoan Rosello-Cornier, Community Organizer & Planner, Ext. 250

Andrew Seeder, Data Systems Manager, Ext. 127

Harry Smith, Director of Sustainable Economic Development & Dudley Neighbors, Inc., Ext. 220