Celebrating The Work Of Parents

The Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative and Boston Promise Initiative are dedicated to helping our neighborhood's children live healthy and happy lives in a safe and educationally rich environment. However, we cannot do this work alone; PARENTS play an especially important role in advocating for, and building, the strong network of supports needed to lead our scholars towards success in college, career, and beyond. We appreciate and celebrate the work of parents, like you!

Yes you, you, and you!!!

The champions of our future scholars and inspiration to our next generation.

Þ Supporting educational goals 

Þ Drop-off and pickups from various before and after-school programs

Þ Volunteering school

Þ Nurturing youth talents (Music, Sports, etc) 

The driving force behind growing scholars are parents like Maricel Martinez at Martin Luther King K-8 School. Founder of Delightful Creations by Marlene special occasions and events planner Ms. Martinez has been instrumental to the King School in many ways. She has put fourth tremendous effort in bringing the King Parent Council together. She tirelessly seeks out donations for students and families of the school. Mrs. Martinez was instrumental in putting on the week-long teacher appreciation celebrations, from decorating to securing donations. Mrs. Martinez did it all. She is an extremely active parent and a true benefit to MLK K-8 Parents, Students, and Staff.

Since the opening of Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School, Vanessa Holloway has been involved in the parent council. She feels, “as a parent my involvement has a positive impact on my daughter's school community.”  Vanessa has become a parent that other parents come to for support. She gets to know parents by spending time in classrooms; volunteering in the office; and, participating in other school events. Students and staff recognize that Vanessa is committed to making the school a welcoming environment.

Former student turned active parent Larrice Floyd has been an amazing asset to Dearborn STEM Academy. She has interviewed incoming teachers, organized with school administration and community organizations to advocate for a new building for the Dearborn School. She commits her time and energy attending both school and community meetings advocating for Dearborn Students and parents. Most recently she gave a speech on behalf of Dearborn at an event hosted by Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, where she had the chance to address gubernatorial candidates Martha Coakley, and the current elected Governor Charlie Baker.

As a lifelong member of the Roxbury community Larrice is in support of a community filled with quality schools within walking distance from her home which is part of the reason she was asked to become a member of DSNI’s education committee.

Boston Promise Initiative Thanks you all for your continued commitment to not only raising and supporting your child, but also sharing your time and talents to all the students at your Childs School!!