Board of Directors Make Affordable Housing Policy Endorsements

On February 10 the DSNI Board of Directors endorsed two Boston-wide organizing campaigns around Just Cause Eviction and The Community Preservation Act. Just Cause Eviction legislation would provide mediation rights to tenants facing evictions based on rent increases. The Community Preservation Act would provide much-needed funding for affordable housing development.

DSNI is excited to join these important housing policy campaigns. Through outreach to residents, meetings of DSNI's Sustainable Development Committee, and DSNI's Open House, we repeatedly heard the need to both preserve existing tenancies and create new affordable housing in order to address the housing crisis.

At DSNI's Open House (1/29) we asked people "What could the City do to create better housing opportunities? 25% said "protect tenants from evictions due to rent increases" and 21% said "increase funding for development of affordable housing".

DSNI considers Just Cause Eviction and the Community Preservation Act to be two critical elements of a larger housing strategy for development without displacement in the Dudley Village Campus and across Boston.

If you want to get involved in DSNI's organizing around affordable housing, contact Eliza Parad at

Download a 2-page fact sheet about how The Community Preservation Act would impact Boston.

Download a 2-page fact sheet about why Boston needs Just Cause Eviction legislation.