Boston Promise Initiative: Mutual Data Sharing Agreement

DSNI and BPS want to continue to dramatically improve education-based outcomes for every child, from cradle-to-career, in the Dudley Village Campus. In order to know what works and what doesn’t, it’s critical that we have detailed information about the support students receive as well as students’ academic achievements.  That’s why DSNI and BPS entered into a Mutual Data Sharing Agreement for the 2016-2017 school year. As lead organization for the Boston Promise Initiative, DSNI collaborates with partners on strategies that support strong schools, strong families, and strong neighborhoods that let every child learn, grow, and succeed. DSNI and BPI believe their Mutual Data Sharing Agreement will help build a foundation for evaluating family, student, and community success. This innovative Mutual Data Sharing Agreement is the first of its kind in Boston.

DSNI and BPS will use the Mutual Data Sharing Agreement to track student academic and engagement outcomes for students enrolled in Boston Promise Initiative programs, including Expanded Learning Opportunities and in-school program support. This strategy is crucial for evaluating the work of Boston Promise Initiative programs.

DSNI and BPS will discover early warning indicators for students whose families are experiencing homelessness and receiving services from Project Hope. Project Hope's No Child Goes Homeless program, which works in three BPS schools, is an important part of the Boston Promise Initiative. The Mutual Data Sharing Agreement will streamline the sharing of real-time attendance data.

The Mutual Data Sharing Agreement will create a data-informed community of support for students in the Dudley Village Campus. Please note that only students with appropriate parental/guardian consent will have any data shared, and data will be stored, secured, and shared only as mandated by FERPA and the Mutual Data Sharing Agreement parameters.

Click here for the official press release and a copy of the Agreement.

For more information please contact Andrew Seeder at DSNI.