Streets of Hope
Streets of Hope, written by Peter Medoff and Holly Sklar, chronicles the story of the creation of the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative and includes details on the formation of Dudley Neighbors, Inc. "Using the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative in Boston's most impoverished neighborhood as a case study, the authors show how effective organizing reinforces neighborhood leadership, encourages grassroots power and leads to successful public-private partnerships and comprehensive community development." - Prof. Norman Krumholz

Holding Ground
Holding Ground is at once a cautionary tale of urban policies gone wrong and a message of hope for all American cities.  In 1985, African-American, Latino, Cape Verdean, and European-American residents in Roxbury, MA united to revitalize their community. The Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative went on to gain national recognition as residents fought to close down illegal dumps, gain unprecedented control of land from City Hall and create a comprehensive plan to rebuild the fabric of their community. Through the voices of committed residents, activists and city officials, this moving documentary shows how a Boston neighborhood was able to create and carry out its own agenda for change. 

Gaining Ground
Foreclosures. Unemployment. Childhood poverty. All these problems have hit American communities hard during the Great Recession.  Gaining Ground, a follow-up to the award-winning documentary Holding Ground (1996), shows how one diverse Boston neighborhood has managed to stem the tide against enormous odds. Building on a 25-year legacy of innovative community organizing, a new generation of Dudley Street neighborhood leaders has managed to foster hope and create opportunity in challenging times.

DSNI Senior Organizer, Travis Watson, on BNN discussing DSNI's role in the construction of the Ray & Joan Kroc Center.

During the first half of Common Ground, host Seth McCoy sits down with Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative Executive Director Chris Jones and Director of the Boston Promise Initiative Sheena Collier. DSNI is dedicated to continued revitalization of the Dudley neighborhood, through working with local businesses and community members. Chris and Sheena give the viewers an overview of the history of DSNI and the work of the Boston Promise Initiative. They end the show with a look at some upcoming special events including the DSNI 30th Year Anniversary Gala.

BNN News Interviews Christine Dixon and Sheena Collier

Penn Loh of Tufts University and Eliza Parad of the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative talk about the launch of a new network in Boston to promote community control of development to serve community needs, such as limiting the loss of affordable housing to gentrification. Interview for BNN News. Aired April 20, 2016.

On CityLine discussing how DSNI keeps residents at the forefront of neighborhood decisions. Plus, what the organization and residents have been doing for last 30 years to prevent gentrification from taking over their community.

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DSNI Youth Videos:

Check out two important PSAs about education equity & food justice in the Dudley Village Campus made by Dudley Youth Organizers:

Watch this digital storytelling piece produced and directed by Dudley Youth Organizers about some difficulties of Boston Public School students and some possible solutions.

What if the things that harm us were illegal? This short, playful video imagines just such a world in the Dudley Village Campus. Special thanks to the Kroc Center for letting Dudley Youth Organizers use of their location for shooting.

Check out more DSNI youth videos here