Celebrating The Work Of Parents 

The Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative and Boston Promise Initiative are dedicated to helping our neighborhood's children live healthy and happy lives in a safe and educationally rich environment. However, we cannot do this work alone; PARENTS play an especially important role in advocating for, and building, the strong network of supports needed to lead our scholars towards success in college, career, and beyond. We appreciate and celebrate the work of parents, like you!

Yes you, you, and you!!!

The champions of our future scholars and inspiration to our next generation.

Þ Supporting educational goals

Þ Drop-off and pickups from various before and after-school programs

Þ Volunteering school

The Economy of Relationships 

Article By: Maggie Austen

Photo Credit: Joshua Fidalgo

The stories that demonstrate the power of caring adults in the lives of young people are powerful. As a host site for one of Mass Mentoring Partnership’s Highland Street AmeriCorps Ambassadors of Mentoring and a recipient of one of their Matching Grants, funded by State Line Item money, DSNI helped to support a powerful day of story telling, celebrating, and educating. Youth Mentoring Day at the State House leveraged the power of relationships in more ways then we set out to. As participants shared their stories with each other and then took them to key policy makers – new relationships emerged.

Fairmount Cultural Corridor: Where Art Moves 

Fairmount Cultural Corridor (FCC): In December we hired our 5th Artist-in-Residence, Aziza Goodnight-Robinson, who has been present since the birth of this initiative. She will be working as our Artist in “Transit” riding the Fairmount/Indigo Commuter Rail line, engaging residents and T riders in occasional creative place-making and dialogue.  We are so very pleased to have her on the team you can look forward to meeting her riding the Fairmount Indigo Line.  To get more details and see what our other artists are doing, check out our website www.fairmountculturalcorrridor.org 

DSNI Launches Executive Director Search 

Hello DSNI partners and friends:

We are writing to share the news that Executive Director Christopher M. Jones will be "stepping away from" DSNI in early 2015. When Chris began his role in early 2013, we had planned for two-year executive director tenure and that time has flown by faster than we could have imagined. He is making the move to Maryland to join his wife and daughters who moved down in September. His wife, formerly an emergency room physician at Boston Medical Center, has started her new job in Baltimore and though Chris will be missed at DSNI, he is looking forward to joining his family. DSNI has achieved many wonderful accomplishments during Chris' tenure and we look forward to celebrating them before he "steps away". We say "steps away" because you can never truly "leave" DSNI, instead you carry DSNI with you.  He will soon join a list of DSNI leaders who are carrying DSNI with them as they do great things outside of the organization.

DSNI Launches Campaign on Abandoned Lot 

The abandoned lot located on Dudley Street between Ideal Sub Shop and La Borinqueña has been a blight on the Dudley community for years. According to the City of Boston’s assessing website (http://www.cityofboston.gov/assessing/), the land is a composed of three separate parcels that are owned by the estate of Elias M. Loew. The 3 parcels combined total 10,623 square ft. and are assessed to be worth $184,700.

In the mid-1900’s, it was the site of a movie theater owned by the Loew’s family that burned down. Since then, it has been a burden for Dudley residents, who over the years have taken upon themselves to clean it up. This past April, residents who participated in Boston Shines collected over 10 bags of garbage and pulled out 9 car tires. Over the summer, DSNI summer youth employees cleared the majority of the overgrowth during a community clean up event.

The Future of the Dearborn: A Community Conversation 

Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative is inviting parents, students, and community members to join us for a Community Meeting hosted by the DSNI's Education Committee tomorrow, September 4th, at 6:00pm. The event will be hosted at DSNI at 504 Dudley St. in Roxbury.

The purpose of the meeting is to provide parents, students, and local residents with the opportunity to discuss the Dearborn and the future 6-12 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Academy together. Specifically, DSNI seeks to follow up on a series of community meetings that have been held over the last month regarding the Dearborn STEM Academy, its construction and temporary relocation, and a proposal to the BPS School Committee to convert the Dearborn 6-12 STEM Academy to a Horace Mann In-District Charter School.