Dudley Children Thrive (DCT) is a collaborative initiative committed to working with families who have children between the ages of 0-5 and providers -- to share information, opportunities, and formulas that help prepare children for the highest levels of success in school and life. 

Based in the understanding that a child is more likely to be successful if they feel smart, loved and confident in themselves and their family unit, the collaborative supports parents in achieving the hopes and dreams they have for their families. The collaborative has organized a team of residents, families and organizations to unify and support parents as First Teachers in an effort to help prepare our youngest residents for school readiness and success.

DCT serves as the earliest opportunity for Dudley Village Campus families to enroll in Promise Pathway activities in their neighborhood. (The other initiatives that make up BPI's Promise Pathway include Learning Our Value in Education, Youth Opportunities and Development, and Strong Families and Communities.) BPI then supports those enrolled parents and children by engaging them through one of three groups of stakeholders to lead different aspects of the DCT mission.

Three key focus areas:


 - Early Literacy

 - Nutrition

 - Wellness

The work of the School Readiness Roundtable is led primarily by DVC parents, which connects residents and early childhood care and education providers as partners dedicated to discovering and developing creative way to build, support, and engage families as First Teachers through public events and workshops. Recent campaigns have engaged and empowered over 100 families to interact, read, and play with children in order to build vocabulary.



DCT will ensure every child in the Dudley Village Campus (DVC) is ready to learn when entering kindergarten by:  

  1. Organizing a Birth-to-5 Workgroup, which helps DCT build organizational partnerships and leverage financial and human capital support.
  2. Continuing to empower parent leadership and community engagement in every stage of child development through the continued work of Dudley Children Thrive’s School Readiness Roundtable.
  3. Creating and facilitating an Extended Learning Network of aligned early childhood care providers.  

For More Information Contact:


Ayesha Rodriguez,  Arodriguez@dsni.org