Development without Displacement

Objective: To plan and control the physical development of the neighborhood. To work with residents and partners to implement strategies that address displacement.

Programs & Activities:

Greater Boston Community Land Trust Network

Upham’s Corner Planning Process

Youth Voice

Objective: To cultivate a rising generation of leaders, who are connected to a supportive community of peers and caring adults, enriching opportunities and responsive systems of support.

Programs & Activities:

2019 Summer Employment

Neighborhood Development

Objective: To become the lead community collaborator in Dudley, organize residents to revitalize our neighborhood, and increase our economic opportunities and planning work as a tool for bringing residents together to lead the planning and preservation of the cultural makeup of our neighborhood.

Programs & Activities:

Dudley Real Food Hub

Fair Chance for Family Success

Fairmount Cultural Corridor

Family Led Stability Pilot

No Child Goes Homeless

Resident Empowerment

Objective: To empower and support the next generation of community leaders and sustain DSNI as an organization that maximizes individual potential and mobilizes residents to realize a shared vision.

Programs & Activities:

Board Development