BPI seeks to reshape our neighborhood, creating an urban village as a campus by placing schools at the center of our neighborhoods.


Together with our community partners, we are aligning all of our programs and services to those schools and the day-to-day activities within them. This combination of community and educator support creates a full-service model of schools -- the kind of institutions which have proven to support student success. 

Here is how it works:

BPI School Partnerships

BPI and DSNI are working together as a strategic partner with schools and community-based organizations in the neighborhood to establish

BPI School Partnerships by:

  1. Supporting the alignment of partners with each school's plans
  2. Developing and advocating for extended learning opportunities that engage families and community members in supporting student learning
  3. Engaging school leaders in a community of practice and engaging families and the community in advocating for quality education.

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Specific extended learning time projects include Reading Buddies on the elementary school level and Saturday School on the high school and middle school level, which both build on the involvement of volunteers.

For More Information Contact:

DSNI Education Director, Katrina Brink at KBrink@dsni.org