Greater Boston Community Land Trust Network Launch

On March 18th eight groups came together to launch the Metro Boston Community Land Trust network. The Network aims to provide peer support and share best practices for the creation of CLTs as part of a broader housing strategy to preserve affordable housing and diverse neighborhoods, prevent eviction and speculation in areas at risk of gentrification and displacement and jointly advocate for policy that aids in the creation and maintenance of these CLTs. DSNI will also be serving as a central server for technical support for the development of CLTs and to connect to thinking partners, experts and grassroots groups across the country working on creative CLT models. In attendance on March 18th were representatives from Mattapan United, The Coalition of Occupied Homes in Foreclosure (COHIF), City Life/Vida Urbana, Somerville Community Corporation, Chinese Progressive Association and the Chinatown Community Land Trust, Right to the City, Alternatives for Community and Environment (ACE) and DSNI. Other partners in this work include the Urban Farming Institute and Neighbors United for a Better East Boston.  

A core group among these organizations has been working with a field team of Tufts students from the Urban and Environmental Planning Masters Program under the direction of Professor, Penn Loh, to produce a policy report that makes the political case for CLTs as part of a larger strategy to address the current housing crisis. This report will be presented at Tufts University on April 29. Harry Smith, Director of Dudley Neighbors, Inc. Community Land Trust and the Sustainable Development Department at DSNI, will be presenting on CLT policy solutions at a panel on Tuesday, April 7th at City Hall. To join this group or for more information on this initiative, contact Eliza Parad at